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French National Cemetery at Dieue
in 2014 (Centennial)
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We offer professional research services in the records located on-site in Europe, particularly in Italy and Sicily.

Research is accomplished in town and provincial archives, museums, cemeteries, and more. This includes civil and church birth, marriage and death records, as well as military records and burial records.

The completed report includes a log of locations and records searched, an analysis of the information found, and copies or extracts of the documents located. On-site research can also include extracts from local phone books or photos of the area as requested. Sometimes tourist brochures, maps and/or postcards can be obtained.

A free research proposal is available upon request, please state details concerning the ancestor(s) of interest and the goal(s) desired from the research project.

Project rates are $800/day for an on-site research project. The cost breaks down as follows:

$300 for airfare to and from Italy and travel expenses within Italy (including trains, buses, car rental, tolls and gas) after division by the 10 client research days on each trip;
$100 for daily lodging and food;
$400 for research and report writing on each client research day.

This allows enough funds to cover expenses on weekends (when civil and church record offices are generally closed) and travel time (10 hours by car between Torino and Roma, another 10 hours between Roma and Sicilia on the autostrada in addition to the mileage to each research location).

Rates are payable in advance, payment can be made through to

e-mail You can always reach me here!
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